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About US

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Human resources are the treasure of a company. A company cannot grow without human resources. We support companies that value people and want to continue to be the most trusted partner.

Who We are

Khaiser Consultancy Services is a Scotland-based and is well-established recruitment firm 2004 that is committed to providing superior value-added services to our internal and external clients, thereby becoming one of the most reputed and efficient firm for permanent placements.

We are dedicated to providing permanent staff to a vast base of clients and candidates. We provide not only recruitment services, but we also write down the policy for the human resource operation and payroll services. We pride ourselves, as we are one of the best to provide you with the cheapest rates within the industry with excellence in our services. As we are very adaptable not only do we understand but also we endeavour the staff retention by providing training sessions at your doorsteps. Due to our endless efforts and vast database, we have succeeded in creating a loyal clientele that utilizes our services on each requirement.

Benefits of choosing us

Save your time and money on advertising, screening, and interviewing a potential employee.

We advertise on your behalf and screen the application, only if it’s the right candidate for the right role we will interview on your behalf and send you through the shortlisted candidates.

We have established the competitive rates, that is only 8.33% of annual salary for delivering you the candidates within the recruitment industry.

We are honest and transparent in our approach toward our internal and external clients.


Clear communication with employees and employers

Only provide the right fit for the right role

Data generation through advertising, referrals, and portals.

Different to others

We provide our services to domestic as well as international market.

If required we can write the policy for your Human Resources and manage the entire payroll with modern legislation.

We conduct a reference check before we send the employee directly to you.

Management support by utilizing public subsidy application, new enrolment of social insurance and labour insurance at the time of establishment, recruitment and recruitment of employees, salary calculation, retirement, personal injury and illness, various consultations from labour accident to retirement We provide sincere and reliable one-stop services for personnel and labour, such as appropriate and prompt procedures, the establishment of personnel systems and work rules that grow both human resources and companies, and through relationships of trust with managers, employees, and social insurance labour consultants. , I would like to form a strong triangle and realize continuous mutual growth.